Private Lessons

Private Lessons

All lessons are taught entirely with FUN force free, fear free methods (for you and the dog).  This program is actually led by you! 

  • If there are some particular areas that you and your dog need some guidance in, I will help you and your dog build better habits and get you started on a personalized training program to get you and your dog on the same page.
  • Looking for enrichment ideas to help your bond with your dog? We can run through some fun tricks, get you started on some recreational Scent Detection, or even get you started on foundation behaviors for dog sports like our unique BARKOUR or Hoopers games.

 In this program you and your puppy will learn how to use a clicker, intro to shaping behavior, luring pros and cons, social enrichment, self control, boundaries (crate training), coming when called and beginner loose leash walking, or anything else that you aren’t sure how to handle

Puppy Private School

This is a comprehensive course covering puppy socialization, growth and development, basic training, problem-solving, and problem prevention.


Puppy Preschool Plus!

Bring your new puppy to me and I will take them through the Puppy Preschool Program, including some social enrichment field trips throughout the city.  This package includes one transfer session for every four weeks of school your puppy attends


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