Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Do you need help with your dog? Maybe your newest dog has some training challenges, or you need some help with behaviour issues.

I can teach you how to effectively teach your dog the house rules and tricks you want to learn in a safe, fear-free manner at my home or yours.

Lessons are 30 minutes or longer.

Growing Pains – Puppies 8 – 16 weeks old

This program is designed as a compact, fun, educational course to prepare puppies and their new families for their new life together. Most behavior issues can be prevented or even stopped by being proactive in training and care.

Growing Pains will give you the tools you need to raise and train a happy, well adjusted, family member who can adapt to the urban lifestyle we expect them to live in.

We only use pain-free and force-free methods to give your puppy the most positive start to life in their new home.

In this program your pup will learn self control, boundaries, coming when called, and beginner loose leash walking.

Life Skills – Puppies 6 – 18 months

From learning self control to basic obedience to learning how to cope with change (fun or scary) in their lives, we cover it all in this program.

Dogs in this class will practice their skills at coming when called, walking on a leash, basic grooming, learning boundaries, maybe even a silly trick or two.

All skills will be taught up to the age and ability of the individual dog and their owners.

The Life Skills program in private lessons is 5 weeks.

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