Group Classes

Group Classes

Group classes are meant for:

  • Preschool puppies who are learning how to play with dogs of different breeds outside of their family.
  • Task focused classes where only one dog works at a time, like scent detection. Dogs in my Recreational Scent Detection do not meet or even see each other in class.
  • Classes where the goal is to teach dogs/puppies to work with their human while there are other dogs doing the same. These classes are reserved for dogs who have no fear or reactivity issues, they just need to learn to focus on the games they are playing with their human.


Puppy Preschool


This is a comprehensive course covering puppy socialization, growth and development, basic training, problem-solving, and problem prevention. 

Be prepared for anything with this new puppy preschool class!  Week one is orientation – WITHOUT your puppy!  Check out the classroom, ask questions, pick up your clicker, and homework assignments.  After that its 4 themed weeks of fun and learning with the puppies.


Beginner Dog Training – Elementary School

This program is designed as a compact, fun, educational course to prepare puppies and their new families for their new life together. Most behavior issues can be prevented or even stopped by being proactive in training and care. 

In this Social Enrichment program you and your puppy will learn how to use a clicker, intro to shaping behavior, intro to targets, luring pros and cons, self control, boundaries (crate training), coming when called and fun tricks for beginners. 

Although this is a group class, it is not a social time for the dogs.  The biggest lesson will be prioritizing your time together and not playing with other dogs, 

We only use food and toys (depending on your dog’s preference) to give your puppy the most positive start to learning in their new home.

Rally Free – Freestyle Dance

Rally Free is a unique sport combining trick behaviors of Canine Musical Freestyle with the format of Rally-Obedience. It emphasizes the precise execution of fundamental freestyle and obedience skills while encouraging creative and novel behaviors on a Rally-Obedience style course.

Musical Freestyle is fast becoming a mainstream canine performance sport that showcases the creativity and training skills of a dog-and-handler team in an entertaining performance choreographed to music.

Both Sports promote the use of positive-reinforcement training methods that strengthen teamwork and foster a reciprocal learning process between dog and handler.

Description copied from the Rally Freestyle Elements website


ADHD Activity Development for Healthy Dogs –

Intro to dog Sports 

This super fun, fast paced class is for dogs that need more: 

More exercise, more brain work, more one on one attention, or just more fun.

We will work on sharpening their existing skills in shaping, impulse control, heeling, and building on them to give them an even greater challenge.  We will be introducing some specific foundation skills that will benefit them in all dog sports including Treibball, Obedience, Rally obedience, Disc, Parkour, Trick Training, and more.

All skills will be taught with positive reinforcement using toys and treats. There will be no special “training” harnesses, collars, head collars welcome.




This fun sport is new to our region, combining a series of hoops, barrels and tunnels, dogs and their handlers work together as a team to navigate the obstacles. Build confidence whilst working in partnership to have fun.  This sport is low impact and all-inclusive.  Any dog of any age can play.

All skills will be taught with positive reinforcement using toys and treats. There will be no special “training” harnesses, collars, head collars welcome.


Pet Dog Scent Detection

UK Sniffer Dogs

Does this describe you or your dog?

Not good with meeting or working around others?  

Too young or too old to play active dog sports?  

Just don’t want to put in the training for active dog sports?  

Physically unable to engage in much activity?  

Need to burn some nervous energy to be able to train in other sports?

This is the class for every dog!  

All skills will be taught with positive reinforcement using food rewards and toys (depending on the dog’s preference). There will be no special “training” harnesses, collars, head collars welcome.

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