If you have a shoe, and your dog steals that shoe, it now belongs to your dog. If you take the shoe back from your dog, you are stealing his shoe.  You must now negotiate a trade of something else that is also yours to get the dog’s shoe away from him. 

If the bartered item is not high enough value, the dog will keep the shoe and possibly the second item as well. Now you are in a position of having to find a third item to trade, perhaps a food item. 

A couple of things may happen in this segment of your negotiation. One scenario has you trying to lure the dog away with the food. In this scenario the dog will likely just eat the food and continue to protect their two treasures.  Another option may be to toss the treat away from the dog and shoe in an attempt to divide and conquer.  This may work for some people but its not likely since your dog is faster than you and will just beat you back to the shoe.  At this point you may just get fed up and charge your dog in a burst of frustration. This is your dogs absolute favorite game, keepaway! 

You’ve now spent several minutes playing with your dog, he’s all revved up for more, but you are tired, frustrated, late for work, and still shoeless.  Maybe after work tonight you could just put your shoes away and play with your dog.