Group Classes

Group classes are meant for:

  • Preschool puppies who are learning how to play with dogs of different breeds outside of their family.
  • Task focused classes where only one dog works at a time, like scent detection. Dogs in my Recreational Scent Detection do not meet or even see each other in class.
  • Classes where the goal is to teach dogs/puppies to work with their human while there are other dogs doing the same. These classes are reserved for dogs who have no fear or reactivity issues, they just need to learn to focus on the games they are playing with their human.



Private Lessons

Private lessons are meant for: 

  • People or dogs who are anxious about working in a group setting.
  • People who are looking for guidance in specific training or behavioral issues that can not be fixed in a group setting. All behaviors we would like to change in our dogs are easier to teach one-on-one before we add the distraction of other dogs or humans.
  • Skill development for intro to a group class that is already running.
  • You just want to have some fun teaching your dog a new sport or tricks but they have issues with other dogs.
  • You and your dog learn better with one-on-one coaching rather than group learning.

Professional Affiliations